Saturday, November 07, 2009

a night with Coco and a night of being Coo Coo

Alliance Francais in cooperation with Zee mag presents COCO, exclusive film screening..
will watch it later tonight! Thanks Russ for the invites..
to Mecca, here we go again.. =)

the show is about to start..

i spotted beautiful beautiful people coming in.. but not as adorable and charming as
David and Mona's baby..

hi, I'll be your first paparazzi!

isn't he adorable?!

with eloise.. i think i got to see the picture of us together with russ from eloise.
her cam is THE REAL dslr, so its quite clear..
here, let me lead you:

click click

searing with pain..

so does mecca's arm..
oh no! we're already a pious member of the Alliance Francais

Bonsoir monsieur Lhuillier..

and now, presenting..
the other side of the event.
russ would like to introduce you his latest concoction:

Chanel N°.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000005

russ came up with this delicious fragrance meant to get you drunk!

so here's our upcoming endorser, Samantha

liyo: how do u like it?

Samantha: I lurv eht! it's quite mesmerizing i could feel my innards dancing..

in the other hand, Rachel read something that's quite qweird.. oh i mean
sensually weird..

...just right before her voice hole.
a confession from a gurl who plays guitar named slutty samantha..

so here's some good ol' lovin from Mecca and Samantha..

may peace be with yah gurls..
whatever conflicts between the two of you.

"make lurv" NOT "war"

When I say jump, you say how high
I ain’t never seen nobody,

how they get so high

Like a bird, like a plane
This party got me insane

This party got me insane
So jump jump jump jump

all the lurv in the world..

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