Saturday, October 31, 2009

spooky and madness!

oh rachel! thanks god ur awake! who snapped you out from your sleep?
LOL! i also have a version of this experience, but it's with Samantha's cam..
it's my first time to get inside a coffin and i love it!
(taken at the OUTPOST)

i caught Samantha closing a deal with this pirate.
as he's trading a necklace in exchange for her soul...
deal, or no deal?
press the button, it's yours!

it was a total scherzo at the heart of the town.. i can see people in heavy costumes
and all those spooky stuff. however i'm quite tipsy or might confess drunk
at this time, so as my blurred pictures..

oh yeah, here's a piece of lovin'
russ and rachel--- u guys are sober?
or let this party be over?

nah, hell no!
let the party goes on!


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