Monday, November 09, 2009


One time Russ and I watched a theater play entitled: "cock tales"

It's an episodic play w/c narrates gay love stories. Just sorta kinda like the Vagina Monologue. I can still remember it, It was in Bantawan, I was 1st year college, I was 17, year 2002. And since it's a gay themed performance, gay (singles and couples) flocked on the intimate theater house of Crispin Ramos.

After the play I told him.. I wish I can be a part of this play (if there will be a re-stage).

but he simply quips that :

"u can't be part of it since u haven't any experience having a relationship with a guy".

I remained silent as I hadn't any official bf at that time. Although I got MUs, crushes, puppy love or whatever juvenile infatuation there is. Call it as a late bloomer but I had my first official bf at the age of 19. While walking absentmindedly, i saw a gay couple holding hands while walking at that time. it's my first ever exposure to what there is in an out-of-the-closet gay scene. they are so into each other and the hell they care about other people around them. I can only imagine myself what its gonna be my case when it's my time to shine.. (oh no, i'm turning so mushy and gay again).

Eventually as I've been there, done that and then back to being single again (after 7 years). The same old feeling washed over me as I see this couple HHWW along Fuente OsmeƱa).

I wish I can create an art exhibit for these stolen shots. u know, blow em up maybe 4'x4' or even bigger.. They are truly envious to look at. Sigh..

May their unison lasts..

(a bittersweet smile)

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