Monday, December 07, 2009

Don't be dirty ice cream, baby

nothing beats an ice cream after a humid noontime stroll. it's a bit "whoa! i kinda miss this thing" since im used to be asleep most of the daytime.

it was a hell of a sudden schedule change we have at work, from 4pm-1am shift, we were moved to 7am-4pm sched. i'm getting literally crazy for this since my body clock will be surely disrupted. imagine, its already been a year since we have our original shift. I usually get sleepy around 5am, even though i tried to force my self to sleep early but i will just end up tossing and rolling on my bed. so for this week, i end up only having 2 or 3 hours of sleep. yeah, u can see dark spot under my puffy eyes. darn! i hate it!

but no worries, starting next week, we are back to our original shift. so praise the Lord and mighty Allah. i will regain my usual beauty rest and don't need to be a mall rat anymore to ward off the prickly noontime heat.

ice cream at Gelatissimo ayala, i like it better here than in SM, cause u have mini tables outside where you could light a cig.

and this one is also my favorite!

and this and this and THIS!
hehehe ALL OF THESE!
noh klaroh eh?

wanna have some? come on and join me.. lets have a mini ice cream party! lolz!

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