Monday, December 21, 2009

ginoo, pasayloa kami..

this digital billboard in Ayala surely had caught your attention.
I'm quite amused with the bubble thought of the lady at left side saying:


ugh, ok..
that sounds liberating ayt?
after few seconds of having this screen, random pictures appears from those who send their sms file to this particular number powered by Globe Telecom. I dunno how it really works, if someone knows the technicality of this I would like to have a chat with you over coffee. BUT WHAT IF there might gone wrong with the system then any random pictures will be flashed. like all pictures that was sent weren't been filtered?

sure does, hundreds or let say thousands of mall rats will witness those images.

So what if a twisted person send a totally weird, eerie or totally strange pics in there, I can stand that
So what if, basing on the shout out above, some people might send anything that is way beyond acceptable to social norms, or something taboo or something forbidden. can you imagine it? in my case, hmn, lemme think about that, but I think it's fine with me. lol

but most people would freak out

anyway, again, in line with the shout out above..
I saw this ad which was quite controversial in Europe. even the UK advertising Standards agency came in to investigate after a complaint has been raised due to the provocative depiction of these two models.
but darn! I find the guy so sinfully delicious (not the ice cream) heheh LOL

maka panguros ug maka luhod gyud ko ug ahat
kung ing-ani ang akong maatubang na pari
jsusmariosep and tita magda,
tabangi tawn ang inyong mga alipures
ug pasayloa kami sa among mga kasal-anan
kay kami mga tao lamang

char! mao ra to sya, adto sa ko ayala ha, kinsa uban?

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