Monday, December 21, 2009

noh, noh claroh

recently, all my days are quite obscure. I've been to many activities that I've met so many people, many contacts, many potentials but all of them remained no claro at the end.

I dunno, it might be me whose not claro.

I always wake up and have no definite idea what to do and what's suppose to do.
maybe that's the reason why I got a moleskine 2010 monthly planner as my wish list on our team Christmas dinner (which I just received, thanks my lovely manita). I want to pull myself again from this go with the flow mechanism and be on track with my goals.

strange but, the last time I had a well defined GOAL was im still in my 3rd year in college, so that was like 5 years ago? oh gawd.. now, I have my usual routine instead of a goal. so where goes my dream career, dream house, dream destination if I got this kind of routine:

6am-12noon sleep
12noon-3pm ?
3pm-12midnyt work
12midnyt-4am drinking session
4am-6am drifting

to tell you honestly, I feel like a vagabond, which I'm savoring as of the moment but again, I know I have to wake up and try to make both ends meet. you know what I really think, that I need, as what I keep on talking to my self, permanency.

but still, my life still noh claroh


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