Tuesday, December 29, 2009

sawadee experiencia!

'twas really funny 'cause we just came from a drinking and karaoke session.. then we end up here, at past midnyt! each of us have an hour body massage together, in one of their VIP rooms (mecca's treat!). it started with our feet soaked and washed in a wooden basin filled with fresh flowers while me and russ do our elvin chants. Once our therapist do their thing, they started to backstab one of their colleagues apparently behind our back. i mean, WTF! we are suppose to attain peace of mind but they keep on criticizing one of their co-worker, so it end up the three of us, oh no the six of us, (together with our masseuse this time) also talk to each other. once our massage was done, mecca, russ and i did silly poses where our bodies are covered only with towels and each of us have fake roses. it was really fun and somehow we felt like duh,



again, thanks Mecs for the saintly trance..

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