Thursday, December 31, 2009

Siargao Jaunt

no one could believe it cause even myself can't believe it that i made it here in Siargao before New Year's Eve. it was a hell of a day last night and lemme start where all it began.

*i was desperate for a ticket yesterday (December 30, 2009 however the sched for Cebu-Surigao is fully booked

*so instead i bought a ticket for tomorrow, 7pm

*but the idea struck me that i'm gonna spend my new year's eve at the middle of the sea w/c is way too sad and frightening (thinking i will be traveling alone this time cause russ and mecca can't make it due to their prior scheduled family affairs) and there's no stepping back or least will let my ticket float into the current til it reached its intended destination

*so here's my ticket dated 12/31/2009 departure time is 7:00 pm

* but guess what, i took he trip the very same day, on 12/30/2009 and thinking i don't have enough time left i went to pier uno without anything but im wearing and bringing now. (w/c is just my cellphone and my netbook)

*i passed through all the inspectors and ship crew without knowing the validity of my ticket (but deep inside my mind i;m ready for my rebut if they askm me about my ticket that im a chance passenger and all those bullshit will just flow from inside my pathological liar mouth.)

*thanks for my new found friend, he's name is joseph (he's tall, handsome and a gentleman but mind u, he's freakin straight) we got a real nice conversation and upon knowing my circumstance he had his ticket over lap mine for the inspection.

* and thanks God, it went through just fine and here i am heading towards my ultimate place to see the first sunrise of 2010, Siargao!


How I get to Siargao, through Ship from Cebu

*from pier uno, rode cokaliong via Maasin, then from Maasin to Surigao.
*from Surigao, there will be a ferry boat heading to dapa, surigao
*from port of Dapa, will ride a jeep to G.L (General Luna) Php 50
Then a motorcycle ride to Cloud 9 another php50


i got a room for 550/night
at OCEAN101

*its already beach front (i had room number 12, and i will tell u, its really amazing)

*wifi ready (there's a daily rate though, but u can contact me for the pw so u could have it discreetly free, and if its still the same)

*the food is really mahal/expensive/caro (specially if ur a working middle class, its dollar rate) better be with someone since the serving is usually good for two

*if u want some night life experience, there's a bar nearby called: BAR101

*ocean101 is just a walk away from the ultimate surfing haven: cloud 9

*they got the most cheerful and friendliest crew, most of them became my friends and i'm starting to miss all of them!

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