Monday, December 07, 2009

where's the ring?

These are taken not so long time ago inside Ayala, where this bridal expo was held, at the lower ground inside the mall.

i like this gazebo, it reminds me of the Coco Chanel fashion show for their S/S2010 where Lily Allen sang her "it's not fair" , but of course my grandmother's barnyard in Paris was much stunning, i just like how they laid some patch of real bermuda grass on the floor. Also, it reminds me of the gazebo outside ayala, when the Terraces was not there yet. My ex and I usually had our date there.

I'm caught off guard here!

for me, this is the optimum visual representation of a MARRIAGE:

its a huge cage with alot of adornment on it to put the real meaning into obscurity.. hahaha im not trying to be mean or sordid but that's the way i think about it. no offense meant for those who are HAPPILY MARRIED, i actually envy them.

if SnowWhite get married, i think this is the cake she have in mind!

i like this, by one of the renowned Cebuano designers: Philip Rodriguez

the detail of this dress, if u look closer is beyond imagination. i think it will take at least a month to create this bridal gown even how simple it appears. this one from Salvador Malto, i think July likes Malto's creations specially his swimwear collection.

darn, i could imagine rivulets of beauty and swirling emotions will be cascaded when the bride make her walk down the aisle towards the altar.... really nice! again, i forgot the designer.. all apologies.

but hey! wait a minute...

i dont mind getting married with my grrrrooom if he's naked! as long as he's as stunning as George Clooney or my ultimate hollywood crushes: Channing Tatum and Eric Bana. and the more I DON"T EVEN MIND if all three of them represent in my wedding!!!

LOL =p

just like the Mama Mia movie. it's just that they are not my potential father though but my potential... ehem...

By the way, the bride's gown is made by my ULTIMATE CEBUANO DESIGNER, JUN ESCARIO. If i'm dirty rich and oh, so darn tall and beautiful, half of my dresses should be created by him. and the other half should be from my living god of fashion: Alexander McQueen. About my granny's bestidas, let my other sisters, Gia and Iana wear 'em..

but watch out! hindi nagpapatalo yung ating Mareh!

abah! palaban rin ito!

could you be my bridesmaid dahrling?!


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