Saturday, January 30, 2010

keep calm

without second thought,
he jumped off from the cliff

and said to himself:

this is my home

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Christina Aguilera - Hope For Haiti Now (Lift Me Up)

can only pray for the victims. and encourage everyone around me to live life, no matter how confusing and painful it is...

the fact that we are alive is pretty much a LUCK and a Blessing..

though i got internal quakes (emotional, psychological and what have you) but its nothing compared to the bruises that panged the Haiti people..

hukarasha baraba...

wait a century

went to cempark with russ for a talk and smoke.. then this tomb's "lapida" caught our attention..
russ saw it first and asked me to take a picture of this:

i hope its ok to post this here, if not o ito'y labag sa kagustuhan nyo, just inform me and will remove this pic..

while wandering around, i visit the ground where i bury my unconsummated love a year ago.. russ was also with me when i did that.. could still remember, twas sinulog and here we are, at the cemetery doing an emotional let go ceremony..

the afternoon is grim at this place at this time, while the kalachuchi trees sighing with the dead, russ and i puffed our cig..

Saturday, January 23, 2010


watching the rain pours down here at gustavian---having a lazy weekend.
i wonder how's everyone'

Friday, January 22, 2010

dying is believing is dying

chai found this dead bird. i wonder what could have been the caused of its death.
if only a dreamreader could see the details of what this bird believes in through its skull,
i think it would be interesting..

now i wonder, what would be things that i believe that would be still intact the moment i die..



anyway, we gave proper cremation to this bird after i took this photo..
to u bird,

fly on to a different dimension..

Thursday, January 21, 2010

as early as now,

FULLY BOOKED is ready for the v_day°°°



Wednesday, January 20, 2010

hey fishy fishy

just caught a globe fish..

it just reminds me of my childhood days in Bantayan Is.

where i spent my afternoons going to the beach and catch small fishes for a pet. Although we have computer games, VHS (yeah, i'm that ancient) , TV and what have you, but i love spending most of my time along the shore..

now, this fish reminds me of my unconsummated love affair ---gotta let it go.

or else it might bloat and die..

Monday, January 18, 2010

festival queen

got no Sinulog Id / nor a photographer pass, but i made it inside OsmeƱa Circle and have a closer shot of this star dancer on the 30th Sinulog Mardi Gras here in Cebu City.

I was totally awe struck and mesmerized by this lady.. the costume and make up is just simply fantastic. If only i got a DSLR or any power camera, i could have captured the beautiful details of which my camphone failed to render..

I think there are a lot of other Sinulog Star Dancers, however i came to the street rather late.. (around 2:30 pm) but was still glad was able to make it here and this lady just made my day, and the festivity: just perfect..

To you,

Daghang Salamat!

Viva Pit Senyor!

it was quite sunny, rainy and chaotic Sinulog.

was able to penetrate to the Mardi Gras route in the afternoon. went there alone and then Russ came over upon seeing the event on TV. rather late but we still able to catch up with the remaining presenters.

we changed txt msgs prior to that and here are some of the few joking lines:


at nandito naman tayo sa ating kapamilyang c liyo denorte, live sa fuente circle. Mareh, anong balita dyan?


Viva Pit Senyor sayo dyan Russ sa studio at sa ating taga pagmasid. Dinanak ng ulan ang sinulog ngayon pero ang mga tao ay nagbibigay pugay parin dito sa kadaanan. Dala ng tuwa at kasiyahan, binibigyan nila ng kulay at init itong celebrasyon nato kabila sa makulimlim at maginaw na panahon. ito po si liyo denorte para sa "bongga ka day" patro. back to you russ


So now, here's my blurry pics from the event.



so long, master drummer

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Madonna of the _________

I'm not really a religious fanatic,
however i really love this statue of mother and child outside Holy Rosary Parish,
Angeles Pampanga.

at dawn

I'm an early riser. or either be, a late sleeper. i'm usually awake or still up, around 4am..

I just love the idea of having a moment of solitude with the rest of the sleepy world. because at these times when i can just be absent minded and just keep on staring at the horizon. and given i'm in a beach house, gawd, just love having coffee or hot tea by the shore and feel the cold breeze of dawn.

thinking of that makes me smile. anyway, these are my photo's at Ms. B's beach house.. darn, when i grow up! (hmp.. i don't wanna say when i grow old) i really wanted to have a rest house by the beach or by the cliff, as long as it's facing an infinite ocean.

sigh, enough of this daydreaming, although i encourage myself to do that as DREAMS DO COME TRUE.. mind you, keep on dreaming dude.. it won't cause a thing anyway..

so if you gonna plug a USB or any type of connection to access my memory, here are the images of a wonderful dawn..

all pics taken at Ms. B's beach house at Olango

u ready?

ok, ok, wait..

with russ and maskah'

mga dili ingon nato..

yes, we're getting ready for the shoot
it will be my first time to get involved with an indie film..
and again, it was unexpected (i'm not suppose to be in the film, i didn't even auditon for this)
but maybe because im weird and surreal enough for the film, so i'm IN!
it's a hell lot of FUN and scary!
the shoot will be under a balite tree and it will be in the night.
my costume and make up was done by Gina and Mecca

picture taken by the director herself: Ms. Bambi Beltran

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