Wednesday, January 13, 2010

at dawn

I'm an early riser. or either be, a late sleeper. i'm usually awake or still up, around 4am..

I just love the idea of having a moment of solitude with the rest of the sleepy world. because at these times when i can just be absent minded and just keep on staring at the horizon. and given i'm in a beach house, gawd, just love having coffee or hot tea by the shore and feel the cold breeze of dawn.

thinking of that makes me smile. anyway, these are my photo's at Ms. B's beach house.. darn, when i grow up! (hmp.. i don't wanna say when i grow old) i really wanted to have a rest house by the beach or by the cliff, as long as it's facing an infinite ocean.

sigh, enough of this daydreaming, although i encourage myself to do that as DREAMS DO COME TRUE.. mind you, keep on dreaming dude.. it won't cause a thing anyway..

so if you gonna plug a USB or any type of connection to access my memory, here are the images of a wonderful dawn..

all pics taken at Ms. B's beach house at Olango

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