Thursday, January 07, 2010


just went inside FA room 229 at HumDiv upon receiving russ' text:

"nandito si Coco Martin sa UP

he's having a talk about Philippine Cinema. do come!"

Even i got work few minutes from then, i went ahead and run towards this room

where russ allegedly inform me mighty Coco is there. God only knows how i'm fascinated with Coco Martin.

but once i came inside, it's empty..

instead I saw Klay2x and Sir Munds with Russ in the studio on the adjoining room, and there's no sign of Coco.

So it turns out Russ just played a prank on me and he just want me to spend some time with the gang.

I dunno how to react but, THE HELL! =)

I was totally flabbergasted and annoyed at the same time. Russ was really crazy! na Putah talaga ako. But as a consolation, we had wine, smoke and a great conversation.

Klay talked about her recent trip to India, while Sir Munds narrates his survival on his near death experience in Iloilo.

t'was a decent and heart warming get together (after not seeing each other due to the long holidays) although it cost me an hour late and another reprimand from my boss.

'twas worth it. and this old room is quite nostalgic. sipping my wine and puffing a cigarrette, i was flooded with heyday memories from cool yeah yeah old days.

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