Thursday, February 04, 2010

ok,lemme start this way

i'm always
and always be:
at the loser's end.
i must admit that
i keep on dating men
not from this town,

and i have this tendency
to get attached, deeply, and knowing
that they are not staying
here will always end me up:

at lost

like a dead satellite,
drifting, getting lost in my own vacuity
an empty shell,
hallow as a dried up well

so, here u are,
giving ur number.
that's all i need to know, man
cause, after ur stay,
communication or whatsoever future
circumstances between us
will eventually fade away
so letting me know
that this number is temporary
as ur based from the other side of the world
is downright

no offense meant,
just trying to save myself
from further pain.

i hope u get my point from here..

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