Friday, February 12, 2010

sail on, McQueen

It dawn on me now. At first I thought it's just a misnomer or hearsay. But

Yeah, Alexander McQueen is dead.

I received the news from a friend through text on the day itself (February 11
2010) so I went online and googled about it. Positive. And just the following
day, I searched it again and it's officially declared that he's gone. He
might don't want the world (specially the art/fashion world) to be saddened to
his passing, he might really want it in the first place, to die in the midst
of the pinnacle of his career or whatever reason he kept in his heart that
motivates him to turn himself off. but the whole thing doesn't guarantee for
most of the people to be indifferent, cause to put it simply, it was totally

for me It's quite depressing, depressing to the extent it makes me angry. I
got three people in my list that I want to see before I die. First, in the
field of music, is Bork. second, in the field of literary would be Haruki
Murakami. And for Fashion/Visual art, it's Alexander McQueen. I even put it
on my profile in Friendster way way years ago. But McQueen is gone. So this
makes me darn frustrated. was even dreaming to become one of his backstage
crew (again, a wishful thinking).

My fascination about him started in my early high school. when I flip through
fashion magazine and mesmerized not with his styling but the concept behind
his collection. and here comes YouTube and ftv. then came his official
website ( where I keep on playing Kate Moss swirled
on McQueen's Hologram finale. and unlike Kate, he didn't went out into
obscurity, instead, just in a blink. he's out of the scene.

that keep's me hanging. I feel like riding a Ferris wheel but the whole
machinery gone into full halt when it reaches halfway to the top.
no. no.. no please.. no... those are the words that I keep on muttering when
I knew about this. granules of time is flowing by and I hate the fact that I
don't have the power to just pinch some that I really want, then rub it
between my thumb and my point finger, to feel it,

even just for quick moment.

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