Thursday, March 25, 2010

i see

Now, I understand.

why Yen left

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

With me

If I were Rapunzel,

I already cascaded my hair down

For you to climb up

With full hope for

You to save me

But u didn't take it

Have I only misheard it?

Have I mistaken it?

From your intermittent "hellos"

And from your searching eyes?

That you want to be

With me

Or I must say

U were too blind to see

Signals for help


It keeps you from getting here

With me.

Haven't you heard me?


A coded lullaby

Of my secret longing

To have you

With me

So here I am,

On top of this tower

Alone, on the brink

Of desperation

An effort gone to waste

Tasting my own bitterness

I have nobody

Saturday, March 20, 2010

just having my usual stroll in Ayala when i over heard their conversation.

the one in red said:
we got to find the porthole where it leads us back to our dimension, we need to hurry..
or else, we'll be forever lost in this crazy era.

the one in green:
yeeeeh,, aaaayyyyeee dddooonnt laaaaaykk eeeet hhheeerrree, cooooz theeey tthink wwweerrree sssoooo diifrnt, buuuuut thhheeyre theeee ooone whhhooosse wwweeeird.

and then i said to myself, ahh ok..
like yeah, whatever..

Friday, March 19, 2010

tell me, please

to tell you honestly,
I'm tired of waiting
waiting for you to say your name
to tell me how was your day
or ask me about my day
to tell me how's it going
to tell me about yourself
or ask me about myself
all you got to say is hi
and hi
and hi again
and again
every time we have the chance
to pass each other's path
why was that?
is that all there is to it
is that all there is to say?
its quite been a long time
we've been eyeing each other, but
we remained complete strangers, still
roaming around aimlessly and
entangled with wordless mystery
of what am i to you
do you like me?
or not..
tell me

Monday, March 15, 2010

waiting for lunch break

I'm so hungry. But I can't eat not until our break 30 minutes from now. To let time pass by and ignore my grumbling tummy, I wanna write what I've been through lately:

* Today is Monday, I'm back to work. In my office, I reminisce what I've done last weekend. I got an early weekend as I failed to go to work last Friday simply because I can't make it. We just finished the creative writing workshop that day and the distribution of the certificates happened around 5pm, and my work is at 4pm, well it's my first ever writing workshop so I can't miss it. So decided to be absent and spent more time with my fellows.

* The same night we went to Dr. Ted's place. It's also my first time to drop there. I've always heard it from Russ about Dr. Ted who's an art patron here in Cebu and have ample art collections w/c mostly done by Raymund Fernandez, who happens to be Dr. Ted's close friend and who happens to be our mentor. So that's why I manage to drop by at the Doctor's place as Sir Munds invited us over for a drink.

* We had two kinds of Spanish red wine and a bottle of ______ (was it chardonnay? can't remember) to compliment the dried fruits from Vietnam

* As what I have heard from Russ' experience, once you got there, it's mostly talk talk talk; w/c is not bad at all. As I found ourselves sharing opinions about just anything. But mind you, it's the most decent conversation I ever had as I'm in the midst of a doctor and two professors.

* Because of that, I got this gnawing feeling to get my bachelors and pursue for further studies. I dunno, if that's what I really want...or I might be just caught up with the idea.

* After that moment, maybe due to lack of sleep, intense heat (we are experiencing el niƱo here in the Philippines) and so much wine and deep conversation, I had nose bleed. Literally and metaphorically speaking. So I decided to rest as suppose to go to the bar with Ian and Gia.

* Saturday was my payday, I usually go to Watson's to buy toiletries and vitamins as suppose to go to grocery. Hmp!

* Vera and Thomas were around, so as Russ and David. Leaving me as the only single guy around. We had beer at Kukuk's nest then I lead a circle story telling by reading Murakami's "Meeting the 100% Perfect Girl one April morning" from my laptop.

* After we finished reading the short story, we went to Celestial Garden. We stayed from late in the afternoon 'til early evening.

* On Sunday, I stayed indoors and watch part of Pacqiao's fight, then had brunch with Russ at Kukuk's. After that, the gang decided to go out of town, so we went to a beach in Danao where we trespassed ages ago.

* I thought Julio would be there, but he's already back in the City.

* Returning back, we had a stop over at SM where we met Vera's mom whom we had a hitch ride back to Kukuk's by her car.


oh boy, just great.. it's lunch break!

gotta eat now!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

abi naku

nahilayo na gyud ka
tag-an pa ko

nahilayo na ka ngadto sa dapit
nga dili na gyud nako makaplagan

abi naku,
naa ra ka pirme

gasunod sunod
gabarog barog

dinhi doul kanako
apan sa dihang nahunong naku
ug gusto na unta motagad kanimo
ang imong imahe, nga ka-usa
naa ra diha,
kay gatusang ka dupa na
ang kalay-on
usa ka ilusyon
nga akong makit-an
pero dili na gyud naku

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Flight B20278

it's all about the pilot

said the anonymous man beside me

you'll know it

how the plane make it to a landing

when it's shaky, it's a man

when it's smooth then it's a lady

how can that be quantified?

i said to him silently

accelerating lights passed my window

filtering what is real

from the city full of whims and delusion

what does it takes to be fully aground

when your finger tips are bursting

i hope it's gonna be a lady

my mind told me

crisscrossing my thoughts

of the unseen pilot

here goes

the destination

devoid of notion

well, i'm bound to get lost

so it won't matter anyway

even if the plane lands safely

or it will crash, leaving

hands gripping

on seats

what's inside the fridge?

I'm moving out, and have no choice but to sell my mini fridge.
I got a prospective buyer at the office and she asked me for pictures of
it. so here i am with mah mini cooler

so there you go, less food, more alcohol and beauty products... hahah

and i love my cool vintage shades!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

just watched Disney's Alice in Wonderland

watched it with Julio at SM in 3D
it was originally made in 2D then later
processed into 3D, so most of the viewer find it distracting than amazing.

as for me, it's my first time to experience
a 3D Film on the big screen so i was fully immersed on Tim Burton's surreal adaptation of
Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland

I'm quite visually impressed (not to mention loving the designer's dress of Mia Wasikowska through out. Even the small blue dress created by the Mad Hatter and of course the Red Couture dress) and left pondering on the quite adult version of Alice on this film.

The message was quite profound to be understood by the young and grown ups alike.
Overall, I do love the film and recommend it for everyone.


my back
the tiled base
of the pool,
i can see
the melted moon,
or whatever
that was left behind,
by a dark cloud.

about me, at the age of hmmm... 24?

First and foremost, I love simplifying things down. As much as I appreciate the complexity about just anything, but I love the beauty encapsulated in simplicity.

I spent most of my childhood years in Bantayan Is. where I usually spend my afternoons watching sunset than watching TV.

these how I see things in a nutshell:

*riding a bike is more fun rather than driving a car.

*if I'm sad I usually go to a bus terminal and take a random ride than spend my whole savings to shopping

*I appreciate a mere "smile" than a million of "thank yous" when showing gratitude for a favor done.

*be more spontaneous and able to accomplished a lot than being so organized and left those planned

checklist undone.

*to accept things as it is, and brave enough to let go.

(however that's only what I keep on telling my myself, in the contrary, I could easily get attached and it's really hard for me to let go)

*I'm prone to see things in a lighter perspective yet always brace myself for the worse.

*I think it's because the blood type running through my veins is B+

*I love science but could only listen to you about it. I only believe through faith and muses on creativity.

*I appreciate life even how confusing, painful and tiring it could get.

this is my core:

*aim quite sensitive, easy to get happy but could easily get sad.

*have a tendency to be bi-polar

*I have the gift to comfort people but I can't help myself when I get hurt.

*my zodiac sign is Aries and somehow it kinda describes me

(but doesn't mean it defines me)

*I'm kinda emotional, sensual and spiritual

*I'm both sociable and a loner

*a famous artist/mentor told me this before:

"Find to see the beauty that is lost in the world"

And I'm bound to accomplish that mission

what I like/love:

*I'm into visual and literary surrealism

*I love sunset than sunrise

*open space, big windows, high ceiling, outdoors


*listening to Bjork, Tchaikovsky and Snow Patrol

*I love to be alone as much as I love companions

*I love Olympic sized swimming pools

*I love to dance, it's the only thing I can do better (than singing, writing and whatsoever)

*I love to love and be loved (just like everybody else)

and dislike/hate:

*I hate it when my body needed some sleep but my mind is restless

*I hate denials and fakers

*I cringe when I see blood, and road kill (I always see dead cats on the road lately)

*I don't like being bored as much as wasting time

*I don't like being stuck in a traffic (unless if I have a mp3 player or a novel)

*I hate bossy people

*I hate getting hurt and don't have the chance to get even

Friday, March 05, 2010

on vivienne westwood's s/s 2010 collection

i just can't stand it,

not to look at her

those pouty lips

with a slapped tinge of red

pale looking skin

---a frozen porcelain

it stand out

like her hair, brushed up

electric wires of bronze and

golden circuits

she walked along the highway

of worldwide spreads

those thundering bolts

claiming every inch of her

walk walk walk

she does the catwalk

and those eyes

such incredible pair of eyes

pierced into the unknown viewer

who could have guessed

who could have known

she was born

under the daylight

or shivered by a lunatic sight

yet she has indeed,

the spotlight


the sea

of darkness

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

having my usual doze of murakami at gustavian on a sunday evening

"after the quake" is a collection of 6 short stories which was Haruki Murakami's
response to Kobe, Japan earthquake in 1995. Was published originally in
Japanese in 2000 and then Jay Rubin's English translation was released
in 2002. Murakami insisted that the title of this collection should be
in small caps. All stories conveys a message of emotional vomit
which was caused way beyond after the physical tremor reaches the main
character's psyche, leaving them utterly empty and in despair.

It's quite a thin book yet every page is potent enough to bring the
readers in parallel with the central character's conviction and beliefs
even though this collection was written in the 3rd person.
One of the most intriguing entry among the six short stories is
entitled: "All God's children can dance"

It started with a young curious man following a doctor whom he thought
to be his father. Born from a deeply rooted Christian mother, he kept
on thinking that he's the son of God for all these years until his
innards told him otherwise. For me, the author covers or rather
scrutinize the radical Christian faith wherein heavenly teachings can attain one's virtue and dogmatic beliefs are sponged with disillusionment, loopholes and flaws---an absolute
parallelism of what is divine and what it is to be human. yet Murakami
was able to support both clashes so strong that each side is so
convincing. This short story was even adapted into a film by an American director, Robert Logevall.

Yet another Murakami masterpiece..

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