Sunday, March 07, 2010

about me, at the age of hmmm... 24?

First and foremost, I love simplifying things down. As much as I appreciate the complexity about just anything, but I love the beauty encapsulated in simplicity.

I spent most of my childhood years in Bantayan Is. where I usually spend my afternoons watching sunset than watching TV.

these how I see things in a nutshell:

*riding a bike is more fun rather than driving a car.

*if I'm sad I usually go to a bus terminal and take a random ride than spend my whole savings to shopping

*I appreciate a mere "smile" than a million of "thank yous" when showing gratitude for a favor done.

*be more spontaneous and able to accomplished a lot than being so organized and left those planned

checklist undone.

*to accept things as it is, and brave enough to let go.

(however that's only what I keep on telling my myself, in the contrary, I could easily get attached and it's really hard for me to let go)

*I'm prone to see things in a lighter perspective yet always brace myself for the worse.

*I think it's because the blood type running through my veins is B+

*I love science but could only listen to you about it. I only believe through faith and muses on creativity.

*I appreciate life even how confusing, painful and tiring it could get.

this is my core:

*aim quite sensitive, easy to get happy but could easily get sad.

*have a tendency to be bi-polar

*I have the gift to comfort people but I can't help myself when I get hurt.

*my zodiac sign is Aries and somehow it kinda describes me

(but doesn't mean it defines me)

*I'm kinda emotional, sensual and spiritual

*I'm both sociable and a loner

*a famous artist/mentor told me this before:

"Find to see the beauty that is lost in the world"

And I'm bound to accomplish that mission

what I like/love:

*I'm into visual and literary surrealism

*I love sunset than sunrise

*open space, big windows, high ceiling, outdoors


*listening to Bjork, Tchaikovsky and Snow Patrol

*I love to be alone as much as I love companions

*I love Olympic sized swimming pools

*I love to dance, it's the only thing I can do better (than singing, writing and whatsoever)

*I love to love and be loved (just like everybody else)

and dislike/hate:

*I hate it when my body needed some sleep but my mind is restless

*I hate denials and fakers

*I cringe when I see blood, and road kill (I always see dead cats on the road lately)

*I don't like being bored as much as wasting time

*I don't like being stuck in a traffic (unless if I have a mp3 player or a novel)

*I hate bossy people

*I hate getting hurt and don't have the chance to get even

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