Wednesday, March 03, 2010

having my usual doze of murakami at gustavian on a sunday evening

"after the quake" is a collection of 6 short stories which was Haruki Murakami's
response to Kobe, Japan earthquake in 1995. Was published originally in
Japanese in 2000 and then Jay Rubin's English translation was released
in 2002. Murakami insisted that the title of this collection should be
in small caps. All stories conveys a message of emotional vomit
which was caused way beyond after the physical tremor reaches the main
character's psyche, leaving them utterly empty and in despair.

It's quite a thin book yet every page is potent enough to bring the
readers in parallel with the central character's conviction and beliefs
even though this collection was written in the 3rd person.
One of the most intriguing entry among the six short stories is
entitled: "All God's children can dance"

It started with a young curious man following a doctor whom he thought
to be his father. Born from a deeply rooted Christian mother, he kept
on thinking that he's the son of God for all these years until his
innards told him otherwise. For me, the author covers or rather
scrutinize the radical Christian faith wherein heavenly teachings can attain one's virtue and dogmatic beliefs are sponged with disillusionment, loopholes and flaws---an absolute
parallelism of what is divine and what it is to be human. yet Murakami
was able to support both clashes so strong that each side is so
convincing. This short story was even adapted into a film by an American director, Robert Logevall.

Yet another Murakami masterpiece..

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