Monday, March 15, 2010

waiting for lunch break

I'm so hungry. But I can't eat not until our break 30 minutes from now. To let time pass by and ignore my grumbling tummy, I wanna write what I've been through lately:

* Today is Monday, I'm back to work. In my office, I reminisce what I've done last weekend. I got an early weekend as I failed to go to work last Friday simply because I can't make it. We just finished the creative writing workshop that day and the distribution of the certificates happened around 5pm, and my work is at 4pm, well it's my first ever writing workshop so I can't miss it. So decided to be absent and spent more time with my fellows.

* The same night we went to Dr. Ted's place. It's also my first time to drop there. I've always heard it from Russ about Dr. Ted who's an art patron here in Cebu and have ample art collections w/c mostly done by Raymund Fernandez, who happens to be Dr. Ted's close friend and who happens to be our mentor. So that's why I manage to drop by at the Doctor's place as Sir Munds invited us over for a drink.

* We had two kinds of Spanish red wine and a bottle of ______ (was it chardonnay? can't remember) to compliment the dried fruits from Vietnam

* As what I have heard from Russ' experience, once you got there, it's mostly talk talk talk; w/c is not bad at all. As I found ourselves sharing opinions about just anything. But mind you, it's the most decent conversation I ever had as I'm in the midst of a doctor and two professors.

* Because of that, I got this gnawing feeling to get my bachelors and pursue for further studies. I dunno, if that's what I really want...or I might be just caught up with the idea.

* After that moment, maybe due to lack of sleep, intense heat (we are experiencing el niƱo here in the Philippines) and so much wine and deep conversation, I had nose bleed. Literally and metaphorically speaking. So I decided to rest as suppose to go to the bar with Ian and Gia.

* Saturday was my payday, I usually go to Watson's to buy toiletries and vitamins as suppose to go to grocery. Hmp!

* Vera and Thomas were around, so as Russ and David. Leaving me as the only single guy around. We had beer at Kukuk's nest then I lead a circle story telling by reading Murakami's "Meeting the 100% Perfect Girl one April morning" from my laptop.

* After we finished reading the short story, we went to Celestial Garden. We stayed from late in the afternoon 'til early evening.

* On Sunday, I stayed indoors and watch part of Pacqiao's fight, then had brunch with Russ at Kukuk's. After that, the gang decided to go out of town, so we went to a beach in Danao where we trespassed ages ago.

* I thought Julio would be there, but he's already back in the City.

* Returning back, we had a stop over at SM where we met Vera's mom whom we had a hitch ride back to Kukuk's by her car.


oh boy, just great.. it's lunch break!

gotta eat now!

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