Tuesday, April 20, 2010

over break for 22 minutes

keith and i was reprimanded when we got back to work last night.
but i'm quite glad we were able to make it to Russ and Pat's opening performance. And Keith was
greatly impressed when i dragged him for the event. I think he was furious and grateful at the same time.. hehe.. but for sure we didn't regret getting a memo from our boss after the event.

I'm also glad to see close friends last night.. Mecca was there, Ms. B.. David, who else.. oh darn, where was Chai and Dougshky? Will text Chai later...

Got Rum Coke, then Isobel serve us some tea with an invitation from the cup read:

have a tea for yourself with yourself.

anyway, Keith got really inspired and would love to have some photo with herself and me with mah self

Pat Mendoza's wall art is still on-going-on (while its there)
at Turtle's Nest
along Gorordo Avenue

come and see for yourself with yah self!

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