Wednesday, May 19, 2010

today, i think of someone's birthday

I could have left 3 miscalls
but I haven't reached my phone
I could have wrote an email
but I haven't logged in to my yahoomail account
I could have told a friend
but instead I took the bus alone
heading nowhere
you must have already
received a lot of greetings
from your close friends and loved ones
yet I have no intention
of giving you one
although I know
that you knew
that I knew
that it's your birthday today
but I don't know---
I just don't feel like it
even the thought of it
makes me cringe
or let say,
makes me wonder
as to what happened
or what was your reaction
on the same day
last year
the year before
then years
and years ago
when I gave u
a present
but you just left it

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