Wednesday, May 26, 2010

zup, how's it going?

Yeap, it was such a long while since the last time i blogged.

Was very busy at work and also busy looking for another work, haha. it's true. cause I love my current job so much (as i could finish it within 4hours and can do whatever after wards and still being paid full) that i want an additional job. i know, my eyes are sparkling with the currency sign. but hey i also need to earn more as i keep on getting out more and---less.

Recently, i realized to keep hold of my finances is to GO OUT less. it means no bar hopping, no nights outs and NO TRAVELING for months. It was terrible but mind you, i really tried and so far it worked. just this almost midyear, the out of town escapade i got was definitely lesser compared years ago and years before.

so far these are the places I went to lately:

Siargao (new year tradition)

Dumaguete (to have an ambush visit for Veruschka and to escape the harshness of Valentines day)

Bantayan ( spent Holy Week with my family and cousins)

Mactan (I had my Birthday sort of celebration alone)

Marco Polo (get together with Alexa, Sol and friends)

Dumanjug (Celebrate sir Munds birthday in his hometown with the Fernandez)

Badian (Wonderful wonderful moments with Hello Keithy and Jeremiah)

Bohol (Went to Talibon's fiesta for the first time)

Danao (Spent some time with Julio and his folks.)

Olango Island (Had an indie film shoot last January and recently experienced Baliw-baliw festival, where I saw straight men cross dress, yes, they did for a pagan worship, w/c is totally totally wonderful to watch and experience, thanks Russ and Ms. B!)

Tambuli East ( Said goodbye to summer for the Summer Sunscreen Party with Keith, Jeremiah and the gang!)

So far so great. I couldn't ask for more and I guess these are the reason that keeps me from writing as i usually out and stayed less in my room in the past. Now, i guess my blogging will be more active once again. So i guess,

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