Thursday, July 15, 2010


honestly, i never knew about this brand as they don't have any boutique in Cebu (as of the time i'm writing this). my colleagues and I usually pass by inside Shangrila Plaza going to work and i just keep wondering what they showcase. At the back of my head, it might be like Mango, Topshop or Linea Italia. Until its near payday when i scout around for new pair of shoes (as most of them are retiring lol) so I went inside and look around their men's collection. And damn, they are on SALE up to 70% off. So without second question asked, i have to say hello to my new babies.

i fell in love with these matte silver sneakers as they could get along with my all black/white ensemble or just jeans con t-shirt days

the price:
originally cost Php2900
but the money i've shelled out


man, i said to myself: it's way better buying a pair of Vans or Converse sneakers as i've got it for a lesser price

Sporting my first oxford shoes. It's weird cause i'm not used wearing sharp pointed shoes as I have this mental vision of my self that looks like an elf. but i get affirmation from the web and it's totally looks fine. so being one of snow white's elf was completely erased.

the price:
originally cost Php5900
but the money i've shelled out


my picks are genuinely made in Spain and one thing that makes them valuable is that its hand made. so quality and durability are not compromised. the original price speaks its worth, however thrifty shopper like me should take advantage with their discounts and could simply say:

Hey i got this shoes not because they are branded, but it's because it is affordable and they catch my breath away.

ana lang, angal ka?
haha =)

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