Friday, August 06, 2010

One Day (a book review)

Time is of the essence of this book as it took 20 years for the two main

characters to determine if they’re into each other or not.
It started when Emma and Dexter made love (or shall we say had a
casual sex) on the night of their graduation. It might have been a
budding romance for each of them but fate might have suggested more to it:

it’s just a beginning page of each versions of self evaluation,
exploration and the never ending question of one’s happiness
w/c were revealed chapter by chapter in a span of 2 decades.

David Nicholls well penned a story that portraits the protagonist’s
inner struggle of w/c their heart always in conflict with their mind.
It’s kind of comic yet it’s generally a sad story as the author paints
the darker side of growing up and random cruelty of life.
The interweaving of Emma and Dexter’s love story is quite a mock
of how we suppose to carry on with our heart’s triumphs and failures.
A reader could reflect one’s past as we also have the tendency
to wonder what could have been the outcome if this happened
tah teh tah tah. A novel of what If’s and shoulda-woulda-coulda.

The book is about to be turned into a film w/c will be directed by Lone Scherfig


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Aya Zain said...

I don't like it when good books become films, cuz it kind of ruins everything... but the review sounds fairly interesting! I'll be sure to check it out asap, I've been looking for something good to read for a week now :)

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