Thursday, October 21, 2010


you've pushed me away
dropping me
before dropping you
before slapping you
before smacking you
of unused ticket
of time wasted
and all you have to say:
'it's complicated'
a minute of running
in circles, in zigzag
but ending up with you
don't you just draw me closer
to where you are
finding yourself,
in an infinite stellar
so engrossed of who you are
making me a complete hag
all bruised eyes with teary sag
don't just flash that silly smile
don't just win me up with your
pile long of storyline
i know,
'it's complicated'
it's not what i wanted
hold on,
you seems you had a bad day
feet above the ground-
a meter away
lemme finish first,
will you?
all i wanted
all i'm askin'
is for you
to dropp by
not passed me by
please go low
then draw me closer
to you

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