Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I was shy at the time

when I met him
it was nothing special
nothing glossy at the background
it was just me and the music
him and his drink
all we could just do is shoe gazing
you know what I mean?

i must have reread some letters
to tide me by
remembering a correspondent:

. i am doing fine,
. just that the weather in England
. is dropping down to 8 degrees
. that is too cold for me.
. you have been such a superstar again.
. thanks so much for getting back to me quickly.
. all the best,
. m

then the tropical air
brings me back
where were we again?
oh, yeah. cubaoX
the place of which reminds me of
kukuk’s and turtle’s nest
at night
when shoes sleep with
guitar strings

an hour would be
a long long time
standing beside an infinite line
what ever happens
to he and i.

Imogen Heap - Goodnight And Go music video

gehd, just a wonderful song
and if i got a sound track for snippets of my pathetic "love life" scenes
this would be very suitable track..

i'm having Imogen Heap as one of my favorite artists


How could that be
If All I can see
Is you, smiling at me
How could that be
If all you can see
Is me, smiling at you

But it’s all just a “smile”
as we’ve parted ways
me: heading from east to west
you: heading from west to east
where have all the stories gone?

And just like that'
a dream
that we both have

Saturday, November 20, 2010

with ian cinco and the bang bang gang

i always get excited when ian cinco, one of my close friends from cebu,
would come here in manila. He’s an epitome of a partyphile who knows no limit.
So I always make sure to tag along with them when he happens to be around (and vice versa)

Because of ian, I became close to his core friends as well.
So I enjoy hanging out with them and boy,
we have this kind of magnet for fun!

with ian, at a saloon in greenbelt (he just had his Php450 haircut!
man, i got mine for only 40 bucks! haha and that's inclusive with the tip!)

I miss our moments in Cebu so being with ian is all about catching up,
we talk endlessly about boys boys boys! Heheh and all those girl talks. lol

from left to right: rap marinduque, me, ian cinco, unknown girl (hush, she's concentrating)
, jun jun and the birthday boy JM (having dinner at Conti's, Greenbelt)

This is our second time around here in manila together. Last time was rap’s birthday,
and now we celebrate JM’s birthday this time. Come to think about it,
these guys are flying from Cebu to manila just to celebrate birthdays.
But I think there are other reasons behind. And one of the many reasons
would be the new places, new faces and of course, the party hubs!
Will be heading to society lounge in makati later
( for another round of bang bang moment).

They’ll be coming back home to Cebu a couple of days from now.
Jm and I will be the ones left here. So will start missing them again.
I even suggest moving here in Manila. Ian says he will think about it.
Hopefully, he will, next year.

jm's day @ society lounge (makati)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tokyo Police Club - Bambi

this is what i'm talking about

currently digging on this band, i'm starting to like their tracks. They got this guitar that sounds like piano (vice versa) very sick & rad!

Monday, November 15, 2010

An ode to Russ Ligtas’ butoh performance -He[sit]ation

You came in you came and you came when all senses faint as your name yes your name is all there is to it as it goes as it went through unseen doors of histories of which are painted on walls that captivate you with all you do and what you’ve been through as you cringe and you escape a silent scream as tinge of reminisce lighted your dark memories of where you sit of where you spit your st[r]ing of wordless narrative.

Friday, November 12, 2010

there it goes

a prick from my upper left chest
a quick glance
perceived to be
the heart's chance
to finally see
myself with you
in a date
as if it was fated
but its long overdue
way too long for my heart to wait
and ask the same question again
‘til when?
but here you are again
passing me a ticket
a lottery
that keeps me wide awake
at night
a feigned delight
but for what?
hating that smile
that make me run, a thousand mile
another round on a maze
i thought it's over: gone
now, another puzzle: undone
in that piercing stare
you really know the way
how to pierce
a gay's heart

Thursday, November 11, 2010

to investigate

the limitations
to interpret: a realization
of the human body as a vessel
an attempt
a transcendence
a flight of imagination.
are They
an exploration of self and humanity?
through metaphysical
and psychoanalytic terms?
playing with the perception
of time and emotions:
how vulnerable one can be
at a certain place in time,
and the questions we might ask
about those feelings.
just like careful meat selection
and refined craftsmanship in the production
capturing landscapes
of an unidentified place where dots,
drawn on three different layers
interact with structures
that are already given
and have the capacity to experience the
and investigate
an interpretation

Take it

why is it
it's better not to take pictures?
do you choose
to remember them instead?
in your mind
carved within the caverns
of your brain,
you keep it.
and you'll always find it
in your head
like stalactites
it would penetrate
much deeper
more often
than not
rather than a snap
a shot
but a

in response to p.d.

i will talk to you
i will talk to you
and i will tell you about my dreams
yes, you are in them
and it makes me afraid that
i'm not within your realms
or am i?
cause i'm afraid if i'm not
as it will just means that
our stories are unreal
nothing but a fairytale
it doesn't really exists
after all these years
of us being together
now, it makes me wonder
if you could even still remember
my name
of who i am
of who we were
of where we are
so don't get afraid of me
and please don’t even get me wrong
or else, i’ll crash, I’ll die

-for j.s.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Love Lost - The Temper Trap

certainly a great video. i keep on hearing this track on the radio.

TGIF to everyone!

Janelle Monae - Cold War [Official Music Video]

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


prima ballerina for tonight?

with harry, the emo sponge! hehe
To Mommy Gen and Ken, please mag peace ka kayo..
nasasaktan si harry..


at mrs. Fields
her cookies are something to die for
i wanna meet her in person
in palo alto
and have coffee with her

GL, ang swerte nang tao makakatanggap ng mrs. fields cookies na ito
naway pagpalain ka ng maykapal
at naway wag ka munang kunin ni lord sa kabaitan

-photos by rainier mengua

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