Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I was shy at the time

when I met him
it was nothing special
nothing glossy at the background
it was just me and the music
him and his drink
all we could just do is shoe gazing
you know what I mean?

i must have reread some letters
to tide me by
remembering a correspondent:

. i am doing fine,
. just that the weather in England
. is dropping down to 8 degrees
. that is too cold for me.
. you have been such a superstar again.
. thanks so much for getting back to me quickly.
. all the best,
. m

then the tropical air
brings me back
where were we again?
oh, yeah. cubaoX
the place of which reminds me of
kukuk’s and turtle’s nest
at night
when shoes sleep with
guitar strings

an hour would be
a long long time
standing beside an infinite line
what ever happens
to he and i.

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