Saturday, November 20, 2010

with ian cinco and the bang bang gang

i always get excited when ian cinco, one of my close friends from cebu,
would come here in manila. He’s an epitome of a partyphile who knows no limit.
So I always make sure to tag along with them when he happens to be around (and vice versa)

Because of ian, I became close to his core friends as well.
So I enjoy hanging out with them and boy,
we have this kind of magnet for fun!

with ian, at a saloon in greenbelt (he just had his Php450 haircut!
man, i got mine for only 40 bucks! haha and that's inclusive with the tip!)

I miss our moments in Cebu so being with ian is all about catching up,
we talk endlessly about boys boys boys! Heheh and all those girl talks. lol

from left to right: rap marinduque, me, ian cinco, unknown girl (hush, she's concentrating)
, jun jun and the birthday boy JM (having dinner at Conti's, Greenbelt)

This is our second time around here in manila together. Last time was rap’s birthday,
and now we celebrate JM’s birthday this time. Come to think about it,
these guys are flying from Cebu to manila just to celebrate birthdays.
But I think there are other reasons behind. And one of the many reasons
would be the new places, new faces and of course, the party hubs!
Will be heading to society lounge in makati later
( for another round of bang bang moment).

They’ll be coming back home to Cebu a couple of days from now.
Jm and I will be the ones left here. So will start missing them again.
I even suggest moving here in Manila. Ian says he will think about it.
Hopefully, he will, next year.

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