Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

5 Years - Volta Tour - Denmark Roskile Festival 2007

russ had this posted recently on fb, as usual Bjork never fails to astound both of us (and for sure some Bjork hard core lovers as well)

so i can't help but post this as well on my page.

just listening this track on my headphone could let me run a hundred miles, let alone see her live performing. Volta tour is just so wonderfully magical. i hope she has another one brewing and luckily, me and russ would able to make it that time.

the power of her voice, the lyrics, the memories it brings. Gehd, it's purely electrifying.

hail to Bjork



Dearest Bjork,

please don't get old yet..

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

from izakaya (gbelt) to tagaytay

my cuz happens to be in manila. so straight from work i went to greenbelt with her
and a friend Marz where Ian, Jm and Sherwin were partying in Izakaya.

with mah cuz'n, Jean (at the background: ian smiling aimlessly, sherwin and Jm kissing)

with cuz and marz

then around 4am, we decided to go to tagaytay
i went there without a jacket, and darn, it was friggin coRRD!

i love this pic taken at villa olivarez? i forgot the place.
next time, i should bring my jacket, if not, at least a human blanket. hehe =)

even if it's kinda sunny, the cold breeze could dampen your cheeks.
such a lovely place.

we just had breakfast, cig and a coffee then went back home (so damn tired).
Jean will be heading back to cebu later that day. so i'm glad we had this moment together.
@jean_denorte will see u again on xmas cuz there in Cebu!

it would be me who's going there this time.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


was able to visit these places here in Manila (and some part of Southern Luzon)
that I kept on hearing but never been to before. Thanks for Jon Mengua who’s my personal walking
and breathing google map. He worked as a real estate agent before and he roam around most
of these places (so it figures).

*Eastwood Libis

*photo by emong

a great place to spend the after hours. We came here after our shift at 2am, and man'
the place is still vivid and most of the establishments around (as there is an open mall,
sort of coco mall in Cebu but bigger) are open 24 hours.


*photo by etravelpilipinas

Spent my 10/10/10 spur of the moment escapade. It's only 60 pesos bus ride from Taft.
Went to a lutong bahay restaurant and had coffee at strabucks while facing this view.

*Ateneo de Manila University

*photo by nikko viquiera

Went there with Jon, stayed more time along katipunan avenue---the nestling place of
Atenistas, Merrriams, atsaka mga scholars ng bayan. Dine and unwind at Shakey's


*photo by americatours

we always passed by here everytime we go to Malate from quezon Ave.

*Quiapo Church

*Photo by Arvin Rolly

wanna experience simbang gabi here!
is it gonna be tomorrow for the first 9 mornings?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

from centris walk to cubao x

after rehearsals, jon and i hopped from Q.ave to Cubao.
Instead looking for attire for our upcoming xmas party the day after, we had a drink instead.

at coffee bean and tea leaf at centris walk. with November, Madeleine, and Jon

@ cubaoX, they have this pasko sa nayon theme. at 11pm, the place is crowded with
eccentric drunkards and some junkies with an invisible tag on their forehead saying:
"i'm an artist"

but generally, i love the crowd. i feel normal when i hang out here. heheh!

with my mareng Jon, kumareh na kami, kasi lahat ng hearthrob nya na meet ko na.
i give my blessing to all 5 of them? ilan nga sila jon? sagutin mo nga ako..

so yun, hubog na hubog ang kalabasan.
ayo ko na, ka isa na lang...

*photos by jon

Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy B-Day GL!!!

in my 5th year in this corporate world, i never had as cool as my boss right now.
yes, i'm not bragging it on her (she is not even reading my blog, and i'm not gonna
add her on facebook, so she won't know my whereabouts when i get missing in action... lol )
but our Sup is so cool that we can't help but love her much. For her birthday, we surprised
her with this bday bash!

Jon made 90% preparation, me and the rest just contribute a little..

S means what? Sick?

or what? (what's on your mind?)

jon, me and our GL Audrey, who made us all spoiled bratz!
we love you GL, stay young and lovely and paki process dispute ko GL..
at yung vacation leave ko, atsaka sick leave, atsaka...

lol =)

*photos by georgina fernandez and jon mengua

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

banchetto (ortigas)

Every Friday, a place near Emerald Ortigas has this food fiesta strip where stalls and stalls of food stalls sell everything from grilled liempo to deep fried drumsticks to red and white sauced pastas to baked goodies and to whatever gastronomic fantasy one could crave for. So it’s all about food expo where hundreds or let say even thousands of food enthusiasts flock on this mini strip in Ortigas.

It reminds me of Fuente OsmeƱa during Sinulog. We usually walk (or even push) ourselves through the crowd to hop from one stall to another. And like predators, we proceed to the mini park with our goodies after an exhilarating and sometimes, stressful hunt.

with mareng john and aya =)


Ra Ra Riot - "Boy"

listening to this track.
it's 04:07 on a December morning.
will jog in a bit.

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Bjork! Bjork! Bjork!


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