Saturday, December 11, 2010

from centris walk to cubao x

after rehearsals, jon and i hopped from Q.ave to Cubao.
Instead looking for attire for our upcoming xmas party the day after, we had a drink instead.

at coffee bean and tea leaf at centris walk. with November, Madeleine, and Jon

@ cubaoX, they have this pasko sa nayon theme. at 11pm, the place is crowded with
eccentric drunkards and some junkies with an invisible tag on their forehead saying:
"i'm an artist"

but generally, i love the crowd. i feel normal when i hang out here. heheh!

with my mareng Jon, kumareh na kami, kasi lahat ng hearthrob nya na meet ko na.
i give my blessing to all 5 of them? ilan nga sila jon? sagutin mo nga ako..

so yun, hubog na hubog ang kalabasan.
ayo ko na, ka isa na lang...

*photos by jon

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Anonymous said...

5 lang ba namention ko? ay mali madami pa

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