Tuesday, December 21, 2010

from izakaya (gbelt) to tagaytay

my cuz happens to be in manila. so straight from work i went to greenbelt with her
and a friend Marz where Ian, Jm and Sherwin were partying in Izakaya.

with mah cuz'n, Jean (at the background: ian smiling aimlessly, sherwin and Jm kissing)

with cuz and marz

then around 4am, we decided to go to tagaytay
i went there without a jacket, and darn, it was friggin coRRD!

i love this pic taken at villa olivarez? i forgot the place.
next time, i should bring my jacket, if not, at least a human blanket. hehe =)

even if it's kinda sunny, the cold breeze could dampen your cheeks.
such a lovely place.

we just had breakfast, cig and a coffee then went back home (so damn tired).
Jean will be heading back to cebu later that day. so i'm glad we had this moment together.
@jean_denorte will see u again on xmas cuz there in Cebu!

it would be me who's going there this time.

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