Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy B-Day GL!!!

in my 5th year in this corporate world, i never had as cool as my boss right now.
yes, i'm not bragging it on her (she is not even reading my blog, and i'm not gonna
add her on facebook, so she won't know my whereabouts when i get missing in action... lol )
but our Sup is so cool that we can't help but love her much. For her birthday, we surprised
her with this bday bash!

Jon made 90% preparation, me and the rest just contribute a little..

S means what? Sick?

or what? (what's on your mind?)

jon, me and our GL Audrey, who made us all spoiled bratz!
we love you GL, stay young and lovely and paki process dispute ko GL..
at yung vacation leave ko, atsaka sick leave, atsaka...

lol =)

*photos by georgina fernandez and jon mengua

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