Wednesday, March 02, 2011


I skimmed through my old snapfish album (I just retrieved them after thinking I had lost it all as I’ve never ordered from them) and came across with this. I shot this picture 4 years ago in a family park. My memory of this is still vivid. This mob just appeared all of a sudden and felt a mixture of surprise, sadness and concern upon seeing them. My childish image of a sheep is white, fluffy and they’re gazing from one moor to another. But this herd is quite the opposite of that mental picture.

It’s been 8 months since I moved north to manila from the queen city of the south: Cebu. One of my many reasons behind is having a new environment. As I want to be on my toes again. Heading to places that I’m not familiar with. The tension and climax of riding buses, MRT/LRT, and jeepneys in, around and beyond EDSA. For some time, I felt so alive.

Then eventually, I got tired.

I’m starting to feel old with the city. The grayness of the street and towering buildings seems to seep through my skin. might be the reason why most people here are into spa, gym and resort to bring them peace.

But for me, there’s nothing more refreshing than to see old friends. It would make those old dilapidated walls full of meaning and wonder. An endless path of cracked asphalt or cobble stones wouldn’t hurt that much. Dusty and smoky rooms got knocked down with our laughter. I can actually find myself among the flock.

I said to myself: It’s ok, as long as I am roaming with *them

*russ, vera and chai


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