Sunday, April 17, 2011

come on, you blood suckers

This is how I wake up my fellow trekkers out from their warm bed as outside our log cabin is so cold that we don't want to go out and just sleep our lazy and dead tired bodies all day.

Today we hopped from one conventional cemetery to another not so conventional cemetery with the help of the three musketeers we met by the church.

At first, one will find it creepy to be on this place. As the idea of a decaying bodies inside these hanging coffins is indeed morbid. But if you consider the reason behind this, you will be amazed how this kind of funeral customs come into place.

Just like Egyptian and  Mexicans has their way of traditions and views of their dead, the locals of Sagada has their own versions as well. Although I have not lay my hands to any physical or legal document to support any claims about this funeral tradition but through the word of mouth from the locals and legitimate online article somehow gave us an idea why the ancient Igorot  hang their deceased as to put their loved ones closer to heaven*


echo valley and the hanging coffins of Sagada

Sagada is the closest I can get of having that feel of Machu Picchu here in the Philippines. Way back before the "Facebook/IG travelers" and  "post RomCom adventurers" flock on these well hidden, and well protected places, these places are very tranquil and trash free natural site we have.

I wish travelers nowadays should be more mature and educated in terms of the places they wander, instead of taking selfies for the sake of instant vanities.

To all LGU, NGO and environmental advocates, IEC (information, education, communication) is the key for sustainable tourism in this country.


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