Saturday, April 09, 2011

from russ

For Liyo

When we broke from crawling

and considered walking,

you’d swum an ocean

and taken flight

When we fell trying,

you were grooming your wings

for your journey back

You see,

our wings

unlike yours,

are still seeds of wishes on our backs

They have not begun to grow

We are not ready for them

We have yet to earn their being

As you have switched from feet

and hands to fins and flukes to wings,

we have yet to straighten our legs

and stand as you have-

long before you even knew

you had to learn to

Where are you,

child of the sun

friend of the wind

lover of the earth

brother to the sea?

We have only your feathers-

delicate letters from your travels

in our calloused hands

carrying the scent of distant lands

you’ve surely conquered,

dazzled by the color of your soul,

enchanted by your taming touch

and swooned by the tickle

of your tongue

Come back

and radiate your warmth upon us

once again

for we have gone cold and dull

in your absence,

languid and bent

Every day

we stretch our necks

and search the sky

for you,

we look down and wait

for the shadow of your wings

to glide across the ground


creature of flight

of light

of delight

of lightness,

end this bobbing of hollow-eyed heads

and teach us, finally-

how to fly.


Thank you mpareh.


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