Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A human mold, in a shape of one’s mentality

It was summer of my 2nd grade of elementary years when we moved to Bantayan island. At the early age of 8, I learned how to swim. then the summer a year after that, I learned how to ride a bike. I could still remember my first accident with the bike when I bumped into my grandmother’s sister’s place and ruin their fence (as well as my knees and elbows). Then during high school days, when I moved back to the city, I started to jog.

So I’m quite active all these years. Being physically fit is out of the question, but I do all these activities, apparently, to drive my inner demons away and an outlet for my ever active/restless body. Recently, just this summer. I tried going to the gym.

The idea of body building didn’t appeal to me at first, as I’m not that tall and I might end up looking like an overstuffed sausage. I’m still convinced that going swimming instead of going to the gym is much better. However, when I moved here in Manila, I had a hard time looking for a pool unlike there in Cebu, I had an easy access to their city sports complex (Abellana) where they have this Olympic sized pool. Since our office have its own gym and have so much free time in hand, I started working out. And just like swimming and biking, I learned how to the drill without any instructor.

I first started by reading the manuals, then talking with gym buddies and read some pointers over the internet. Eventually, I get acquainted and familiar with the facilities and the capacity of my body to deal with these toning/buffing machineries.

It’s on my 2nd and 3rd week that I could notice some changes in my target muscular areas. Since my lower torso is already defined, I want to improve my upper torso specially the chest area. Before it’s like a plain field, but now I could see some growing valleys as my chest starting to peak up and expand. But when I miss some sessions, then they sort of deflate and got anxious to hit gym again. It’s an ongoing project.

One time, between a series of once in a blue moon conversation with my Norwegian in-law, Thomas, we had a talk about men who go to the gym. He sort of shares the psychology behind working out. Then I was struck with his idea that a man’s body can be molded out of one’s mentality. He pin pointed that when a man works out with anger; then in effect, his body will turn out to be full of aggression to the extend people will perceive his form as scary and harsh as if his body was molded on how he based his emotion and mentality while he’s working out.

As a reaction to his discussion, I told him that I will work out with cool music. And will always have this positive outlook where the idea of love and sex will constantly drift into me. So in effect, my body will become sexy and it’s very much feasible for making love.
We just both laugh in agreement.


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