Friday, June 17, 2011

too drunk for Kylie @ the Society Lounge

yoooh choohyce, yoooh moohsahck, maahx

with Sherwin, Ian and Jm

it was crazy. few nights from now, kylie mingue will be in manila for her Aphrodite world tour, and there was this hush hush  that she will some of the bars around the city to chill. so my friend told me who hapens to be the main chef in SL that Kylie will be around this night. yes TONIGHT! so we went to Society Lounge as early as 10pm to make sure we have a good spot before the crowd fill in the house, past midnight came and we still can't see kylie or even her shadows, til we drank too much mojotos and tequila when suddenly a lady butt in that night and the crowd cheered "Go Kylie" but the alcohol already semi impaired my empirical senses and couldnt determine if it was really kylie or some impersonator.

i just played around with my mind with the music and wish the real kylie was really there.  


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