Monday, January 23, 2012


after several years of breathing and digesting her music, I consider myself a fan. Just got my hands on this original deluxe edition of Biophilia (my fist ever authentic Bjork possession) thanks Julio and to your folks in the states for this.

You just never know how this means to me =)

Monday, January 09, 2012

of watching film festival entries and mainstream

Had this conversation with someone who happened to be a movie buff. He goes to a cinema almost twice a week (dead serious). So there comes to a point when he asked me, what’s the last movie I’ve watched on a big screen. It took me some time before I remembered and answered him that it was Raya Martin’s Buenas Noches EspaƱa which was shown in UP Cine Adarna. Where there are only 5 audiences including myself. 3 of which walked out in the middle of it as they just can’t figure it out. I survived a David Lynch’s Inland Empire so I think I can withstand whatever experimental movie there is. And much to my company’s surprise, I actually find the film interesting and haunting.

So aside from Buenas Noches, most movies that I watch on a big screen are mostly coming from film festivals (CineEuropa, CinemaOne originals, SpanishFilm Fest, Japanese, Chinese spring film fest and the likes) it might because I can watch most of these “Hollywood” or “mainstream films” in the net (I admit I’m a bad consumer) and I have this notion that I want to invest money or time to something worth watching. And since these movies featured on film festivals have garnered awards and have a nod from the film festival organizers so it’s already an assurance for me that it is good.

But then again, it’s been a while since I’ve watched a good film as these festivals won’t go on a regular basis let alone every week. And I’ve already seen most of my downloaded movies in my laptop. So I decided, just last night, to watch a film that is “mainstream”.

so i landed and got this:

After the film, I can’t help but to tweet about it stating:
Bravo! Watching Sherlock Holmes is such a visual and mental treat!

I watched it in Glorieta 4 instead of Greenbelt 3 (my cinema of preference) and was not disappointed with their THX cinema worth Php200, not bad at all. And never did I get bored or tried to reach for my mobile in between watching the whole thing. So I told him (the movie buff) about it and we’ve decided to see each other after that as he already watched it with his brother. So we talked about the film and how Guy Ritchie and his crew injected modern cinematography into Sherlock Holmes classical plot. Talk and talk and talk about ourselves and we talk about him almost being kidnapped and my hold up experience ages ago and then I found myself shaking his hand for having a good time meeting him finally and saying good night.

I failed to tell him that my first ever pet dog (for seven years) name is Sherlocke.

Sunday, January 01, 2012


welcoming the new year with millions burnt in the air (taken at ayala triangle via camphone)

(photo courtesy of Society Lounge)

although was away from my family and some of my core friends in Cebu, but had a blast with loved ones who also hold a special place here in my heart. It's my first time to spend my new year's eve here in Manila and it's quite memorable if not the best so far.

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