Sunday, February 12, 2012

an encounter with the garapataman

Before the exhibit, I came across with this article from PDI about “garapataman”
and before this exhibit; We already have this at CubaoX

me and greys at future x cubaoX with "Gara"
Was quite interested how this cuddly looking sketch of a parasite could be paralleled with our country's current over population. Just like how this tick could propagate into thousands, Dexter Fernandez’ artwork was multiplied into a vast and insanely crowded graffiti and was painted over layers of layers of whatever-kind-of-persona-have-you specie of garapata which {evolves into (get involved with each other) another }. Just crazy.

Anyway, here the pics I captured in this event. It wasn’t enough as what I intended to as I’m stuck with my beer and the chaos inside Ronac Art Center

audio visual presentation (such cool graphics and psychedelic punk tracks)

3d gara collectible, artist's collaboration with secret fresh!

attendees' interactive garapata entries

my own version of gara. bleh!

whoa, this band is awesome. it's like getting lost in the wilderness (so the name of the band)
i wanna check out their upcoming gigs

gagagarra gagara pap

photo taken by jun yamamoto of

To Dexter Fernandez’, congrats dude. Salute’

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