Friday, February 03, 2012

have I been to that place?

I’m staying for more than one and half years now in UP Bliss, which is just few mins away from Diliman area but i found myself dumbfounded when someone asked me: have you tried Chocolate Kiss? Have you been to Rodic's? How about having mang Larry's isaw?

Like, huh? I have no idea.

Aside from UP ikot and the clusters of campuses, I’ve never been “really around” UP Diliman. So I’m half annoyed half curious why the hell am I not able to explore those places in the first place? Maybe because I usually go to UP to jog and eating around is not my priority but not necessarily at the very least of my interests. I usually jog early in the morning or late in the evening so these establishments may not yet open so I failed to check on them. Or let me not deny it. i'm just plain ignorant.

Going back to my kind of UP in Cebu, it would take more or less 5 the size of it to be compared to the area of UP Diliman. So we don’t have the Shopping area and the Bahay ng Alumni etc. I was thinking those famous eateries or diners could be liken to our notable landmarks such as “brown gate” “comeda”.. “shobee”

So pardon me if I need to rest my case to first hand information. As these are not the things that I need to search in a website just to be “knowledgeable”. For me, I’m contented being “familiar” and just surprise me if there’s something more to it.

so last weekend, that surprise hit me like a ten ton truck. Francis brought me to a restaurant in UP Dil but it was already closed, so we went to a place nearby, and it so happen the name of the place is Chocolate Kiss . Although I was kinda awkward and cannot talk to him that day, my mind brought me to a series of realization that gawd, this is the place that had bugged me for all these times! The place is not that grand, it could be any run of the mill diner but what struck me is that they got a grand piano and sort of a fine dining yet laid back ambience. I said in my mind: this is nice.

Had dinner and coffee with him that night. But I’m already certain I will go back there all by myself or with a friend and have coffee while the sun is setting down outside the window. Hopefully the pianist would still be around by then.

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Sigrid Salucop said...

Hi! I hope you get to try all the restaurants inside UP Diliman. I met you yesterday at an ungodly hour -the people na nagde-date sa street? :D we are eager to see the photos. Thank you so much.

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