Monday, February 20, 2012

of searching the end of the rainbow

“I’m getting possessed again, darling” Raya muttered one time between taping, while filming Jaclyn Jose and Coco Martin for his film: Next Attraction. Watching it, also put me on that certain kind of being “possessed”.

Raya Martin’s signature style is totally different and could put you under a spell. In behalf of his most audience (indie film enthusiast or not), there’s this feeling of uneasiness every time you watch his works, but it usually get rewarded starting from the subtle epiphany between the duration of the film then at the end of it when one can or may say: Whoa! That was it? Awesome!

This is my second Raya Martin film after Buenas Noches, España. I think if these kind of experimental films will be presented with the panelists, one would question: what frames (its duration, its visual elements, etc) are enough, what are too much, or what are too less?

I admit, I’m neither a film expert nor a film student, but I’m quite amused how the new breed of cinematographers jump into new techniques and new approaches on presenting their crafts and I must say that Raya Martin is brave enough, for him not to compromise from what is extraordinary.

So I consider myself as a convert---or let say some sort of a huge fan. So I was thrilled Sine Bahaghari showed this film 2 weekends ago. I even wondered if Raya himself was around by then, and confirm it from one of the organizer, Bern, who said he made it there in Chef's Bistro but it was hours after the screening. Unfortunately, at that time, I was already heading to Lights and Space Contemporary for an Art exhibit.

Since Sine Bahaghari advocates for Philippine LGBT related films, another entry for their one month long film showing, was showcased just last night, 19/02/2012. This time it’s from Alvin B. Yapan with his NCCA approved film: Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa.

Was meaning to watch this film back in the Cinemalaya Film Fest last year but i failed due to hectic sched and the tickets are too expensive (compared to Cinema One Originals) and the screening location (which held in CCP) was very faaaarr from my place. Anyway, this film in general, is beautiful. The plot and the script is a fusion of dissected poetry and fermented dance piece. The only thing that I felt not so impressive is the dance movement itself. Maybe because I’m a dancer and choreographer myself, and can really tell if a person can dance or not. Paulo Avelino's performance as Marlon is forgivable he was meant to be a dance student. But the rest are just too stiff or too controlled. But acting wise, most of them are good. This film is also blessed with original soundtracks and talented local music artists. Plus the poetry in Filipino (for a Cebuano like me) was absolutely mesmerizing.

So I want to extend my gratitude to Sine Bahaghari whom most of the organizer are really warm and friendly. Then to Chef’s Bistro with their wonderful place (very suitable for coffee or beer specially either at their al fresco porch or at their veranda upstairs).

For the upcoming screenings of Sine Bahaghari: Cinematic Expressions of the Philippine LGBT Experience, schedule and location you can click THIS

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