Wednesday, February 01, 2012

how long does it take?

to kick start the National Arts month, went to UP Cine Adarna to watch Limang Libo. Of which i have no inkling what the movie is all about as i just saw it on my timeline, tweeted by @UPFilmInstitute.

there are 4 films that were line up for today, but since I got work at 4:30pm I decided to watch the most convenient for my sched: 2:30, it says on a website. So went there in UP Diliman even though I haven’t took my breakfast or even took a bath as I just woke up. The moment I got there, I was greeted by this girl named Ice who happens to be the director of the film I wanted to watch. Even without a name, I find her cool. So I was about to tell her I’m quite excited for her film but she said they got some technical difficulties and they just setting up the equipment so there will be some delays.

It took me around 4 cigs, 1 fudgee bar and several swigs of iced tea before it all started. It was quite late and I’m sure I’ll be late for work. Surprisingly, most of the entries are short films. I thought I’ve got to watch only 1 film. But I have the option to watch the four of them for a hundred bucks. Awesome.

so I’ve watched the first entry: Hungkag, followed by Limang Libo, then tried to stretch my patience for Tundong Magiliw when I’m really really late at work as my Boss started to ask why am I still not in the office and sadly, I failed to watch Enkwentro (I wish Tundong Magiliw was showed last. I got personal reasons why and it might cause a debate if I blurted it out). Hungkag, in the other hand, put me on a momentary trance for its narrative.

meanwhile, Limang Libo blows me away. The script was so minimal. The scenes were cut precisely, no sec more no sec less. Just what it takes for you to figure it out and find the answer for question why it’s all happening? It axed me with the idea of how the complication of human needs bound us together. Well, no wonder, the film has garnered an award. and how long does it take? 10 mins. Perfect.

so I hurriedly went to work, faced my boss and as of this writing, I haven’t sign a memo yet.


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