Wednesday, February 15, 2012

UP Fair 2012

This might sound funny but this 5 day event with various bands and artists is the closest I could get on how to feel like being in Coachella or in Glastonbury. Was an avid fan of rock fest way back in Cebu and so far this could be the biggest gathering I’ve been. Was planning to take a half day leave or to come in late for work to catch my favorite acts such as: Imago, Kitchie Nadal and Moonstar88 but too bad, I just had a memo last night from my boss so I need to “behave” this time. So I just manage to ditched office on my 1 hour break and went to UP sunken garden. And there, I was able to catch Gary V live. And he sang: Minsan Lang Kita Iibigan and Sana Maulit Muli.

Although was expecting some kick ass indie rock music but wasn’t that bad at all. In fact it was awesome to hear Gary V live again, and those two songs are in fact nationally renowned and did pluck some old memories. so I lighted a cig while listening to him sing from afar and puffing with the idea that at least I’ve made it to my first UP Fair experience. I wish I could stay much longer.

But wait, this was just the 2nd leg, I could still catch this Saturday and hopefully would have much much fun. As in, MORE FUN.

Yeah, yeah, here are some of the bands I know that are included on the final leg of UP Fair 2012: Updharma Down, Urban Dub and Parokya

See yah!

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