Friday, March 09, 2012

for Zoei

was jogging around UP ikot around 3am to drive my inner demons away when I came across with this table in the middle of a road. Like hey? I was thinking this might be another set up for a random event in UPDil or in our case in Cebu we have this “MindWorks”

but my mind is toying another idea, about what it could be like having someone who won’t mind asking me for a dinner date in the middle of the road? I thought it could be really sweet of that person who doesn’t give a damn with the rest of the world just to be with me.

That notion was then faded off the moment I saw two people who happens to be the organizers. They actually set this table up to attract passersby for their upcoming event. (and yes, I must say, it’s quite effective) but at this hour, 3 am I thought I was still dreaming.

Anyway, they inform me that they wanted to invite everyone to a concert for a cause. It is for Zoei, a child who have a heart problem and need an ample amount for an operation. I was quite touched with the story behind this, I was like: here I am, having a heart problem (confession: I’m currently depress) and I’m fine if the end of the world is near but there’s this child who have a real heart problem and she needs help so she could still stay in this world.

It was quite sad "and yet" moving.

I hope this message will get viral and people will flock on the venue as this benefit concert for Zoei happening on the 16th of March, at Area 05 Superclub on Tomas Morato. That is a Friday and ticket will be at Php350 (w/c got a complimentary tequila shot) not bad to your heart as well.

There, hope to see you for Zoei.


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Sigrid Salucop said...

Thank you so much!

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