Thursday, April 26, 2012

b bl blo blog

On those days when laptop or ipad were not yet invented, I have this “micro” journal. Where in a minute box, I jot in my microscopic notes on what transpired on that day of the month. It is a calendar, a planner and a journal rolled into one. I remembered being reprimanded both by my mother and grandmother (father side) how forgetful I am--- clumsy and forgetful I must add. I don’t know what happened to me while I was still in my mother’s womb but I usually forget some main, if not major, keys in my life.

I religiously make my own chronicles since then. As I fear that when I reach 50 (if I’m lucky enough) and wouldn’t remember anything about myself.

So I write mainly for my self. I could visualize myself when I reach a certain age and won’t have enough strength to wander around, I will be amused on reading and reminiscing on what I’ve been through on my tender years.

Eventually, I got this notion that you got this ghost of a person lurking behind your shoulder who also read your posts, since the world wide web is a universal window of the humanity, I cannot set aside the idea that some way or another, another lost soul would tide by on my cyber shore.

So there are times, when I intend to write something to share or sort of a story telling to a friend.

my posts, as much as possible, should be really personal and never will I blog out of commercialism and advertised a certain product. Unless if i'm very passionate about a certain event or let say a performnace art, then that's the time when i will "encourage" to join us and experience something worthwhile together. I also post some reviews of a certain novel or a film but these are out of what I think about it and how I feel about it. I would never leave any agenda that you should watch/read this or you should buy it. That also applies to the places I’ve been to. It’s more of my personal exploration.

I guess one could grasp someone’s identity not just in a person’s activity or ability but also on how this person thinks and feels about things around him.

The existence of twitter and facebook lead to my blog’s stagnation. Plus it’s quite easy to post status, tweets, blahs and pictures via mobile. And I’m quite lazy and hesitant on updating my blog on what I’ve just declared, it’s as if serving a plain oatmeal using a cup, a bowl, and a plate to the same group of people.

One good thing about blogging is you have the freedom to put more seasoning on it. Unlike the aforementioned sites, here, I can put some fruits and milk in my oatmeal. The kind of idea of serving your ideas and sentiments that really suits one’s taste.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


It’s been two summers when I notice UP Diliman was lined up with sunflowers on its main road to the university. I observed how they grow from seedlings to full blown herbs which most them eventually hunched down as there are instances when the flower is too big for the main trunk to handle. So I got this picture while they are still in their primetime.

It’s also been two summers when I think about pursuing a degree in UP Diliman, since I’m from UP Cebu, I thought it would be easy to enter the main university. So I thought.
There are a lot of requirements that need pre-requirements. One example would be the TOR which needs a college clearance to obtain. And our 2 page clearance is no joke, you’ve got to drag yourself from one building to another and sometimes wait for the signatory to be back from a long vacation.

Plus the idea that I’m already based here in Manila and most of my requirements are in Cebu. Good grace I got my core friend in Cebu, Chai Fonacier, who help me deal with this. Instead of me flying back to Cebu, miss work and spent thousands of pesos for airfare and all.

Then there comes the one on one interview and portfolio presentation which I kinda have fun with, as most of my works are online, so I just brought my laptop compared to what I’ve seen with my other applicants who hand carry their HUGE artworks and present it to the panel. Was able to pass it and after a week, was scheduled for an aptitude, talent determination test and written (essay) exam.

It was totally nerve wrecking and mind-boggling, which I totally miss as it’s been a while since I’m on the comfort of my routinary work. Finally, the result was announced and the universe is with me again this time, I made it to the list.

Still not sinking in and still couldn’t visualize myself as an Iskolar ng Bayan again this coming school year. UP Diliman was just a vague idea before, but now it's vividly coming out of the picture.

Monday, April 23, 2012

half drunk and half disoriented

There’s something with power lines and street lights in the morning. This is a post clubbing scene in downtown Manila which welcomed me after I get out of the bar, half drunk and half disoriented, a kind of outdoor object you want to fix your eyes into while your head is still spinning.  

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday, April 14, 2012

a bus ride

Scenes just outside my window. It’s been a while since i rode a bus to an unexplored itinerary. I’m heading to Zambales for the first time to be with my officemates for a sort of team outing summer escapade. They were already there since noontime and what time is it? It’s already beyond 6pm! It just that I came from a 6 hour talent exam in UP Dil, my hands are still shaky after all those sketching, coloring and essay writing. Well, it’s time to be in a laid back mode again. And leave it to the universe whatever outcome on my tests result. But for now, I need a spiritual treat.

While these images passed by me, all I could hear is Bjork singing Cetacea. With her melodies, these lyrics bathe me like a mantra:

Into pattern
Flowing blood
Giving form

In every part
The whole you see

Into pattern
Flowing blood
Giving form

From the moment of commitment, nature conspires to help you


Monday, April 09, 2012

(un)holy week

Just got back here in the metropolitan after almost a week long stay in Puerto Galera for the holy week.

It’s my 2nd time but I’m still in love with the coast and the scenic view of the foggy mountains. The place is still surreal to me other than a place for the hedonist.

Well of course, no one can erase the idea of partying at night when the beach turns out to be a rave scene where one could be flooded with laser lights and upbeat music while your toes are underneath the sands. So me and my friends didn’t miss a single night hitting the bars that are lining up in the middle of the white beach. Whatever happens during those nights will be left there on those sinful shores.

Meanwhile, me and my friends also got some new experiences that we haven’t tried last year. One of these is this floating bar. It was a random cruise with this free boat and we just found out we were docked to this ocean haven. And hey, 500ml beer is only at 60 pesos, not that bad! Was able to meet the one of the owner and manage to ask him where he get this idea as I told him he made Puerto Galera a much more exciting place to go for the summer. He said he brought a little bit of Hawaii here in the Philippines as this floating bar (which is really huge compared the one I’ve seen in Malapascua and Panglao. 2 stories water world like dwelling place with jumping board and watery slides straight to the sea. Not a typical splash island resort kind of pool).

t’was totally wonderful.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

It started with this idea:

Long empty stares, long empty stares, long empty stairs (I wanna take a picture with this title)

This would be a post later in twitter once I got myself out of the office. It’s always a constant reminder that my posts are entirely short and as it is. No need for expounding. So blogger unfriendly, as it’s always feed to my twitter and fb account. Gone are those days when I really blurt out my feelings or any sentiments here in this blog. Even random entries to this sort of a there’s-no-one-else friend that you can just pour your secrets out. Blogging for me, before, (or maybe until now) is a treasure box where I can put inside tidbits of my life. That once in a while, I’ll go back, digging my previous whims.

It also found it amusing to go blog hopping and found out how the new generation bloggers (this line makes me feel so old) and how they post. They have so many add ons compared to the previous generation’s “purely words”.

Eventually blog posts morphed into photo blogs, where the user just let the picture say it all. Which I’ve become, the moment I got my first cam phone.

Now, they got this sorta animated .gif and sparkling icons on their pages. Lot of tabs. Less tags. Something like that. Then a plethora of fashion statement. as in: Fashion fashion fashion Fashion passion fashion fashion Fashion fashion fashion passion Fashion fashion fashion passion Fashion passion fashion fashion Fashion fashion fashion Fashion fashion passion fashion Fashion fashion fashion passion

Which again, I find amusing, these changes are quite necessary as a sign of the passage of time. It’s like you can’t differentiate chapter 1 from chapter 2, or 2002 to 2012. without that change in numbers or the figures, it’s all about the signs and symbols. The power of signifiers (the logic behind semantics?)

This year, I want to take Art Education in UP DIL, but I’m quite worried I won’t be able to pass all the requirements before the deadline. UP system is way complicated than I already experienced. But let me just set this aside, but I’m crossing my fingers crossed I could make it cause I can’t wait to be an art teacher once again. I miss my old job!

What I’m excited is our team outing in Zambales, 2 weekends from now, its my first time to be there. Then hopefully my budget is still enough for another Puerto Galera escapade this Long weekend (due to Holy Week)

But for now, can’t help but get lost inside the office, where my mind is way way far beyond these glass walls in the heart of the metropolitan which penetrates through the cityscape as I’m staring blankly to the unforeseen shore.

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