Thursday, April 26, 2012

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On those days when laptop or ipad were not yet invented, I have this “micro” journal. Where in a minute box, I jot in my microscopic notes on what transpired on that day of the month. It is a calendar, a planner and a journal rolled into one. I remembered being reprimanded both by my mother and grandmother (father side) how forgetful I am--- clumsy and forgetful I must add. I don’t know what happened to me while I was still in my mother’s womb but I usually forget some main, if not major, keys in my life.

I religiously make my own chronicles since then. As I fear that when I reach 50 (if I’m lucky enough) and wouldn’t remember anything about myself.

So I write mainly for my self. I could visualize myself when I reach a certain age and won’t have enough strength to wander around, I will be amused on reading and reminiscing on what I’ve been through on my tender years.

Eventually, I got this notion that you got this ghost of a person lurking behind your shoulder who also read your posts, since the world wide web is a universal window of the humanity, I cannot set aside the idea that some way or another, another lost soul would tide by on my cyber shore.

So there are times, when I intend to write something to share or sort of a story telling to a friend.

my posts, as much as possible, should be really personal and never will I blog out of commercialism and advertised a certain product. Unless if i'm very passionate about a certain event or let say a performnace art, then that's the time when i will "encourage" to join us and experience something worthwhile together. I also post some reviews of a certain novel or a film but these are out of what I think about it and how I feel about it. I would never leave any agenda that you should watch/read this or you should buy it. That also applies to the places I’ve been to. It’s more of my personal exploration.

I guess one could grasp someone’s identity not just in a person’s activity or ability but also on how this person thinks and feels about things around him.

The existence of twitter and facebook lead to my blog’s stagnation. Plus it’s quite easy to post status, tweets, blahs and pictures via mobile. And I’m quite lazy and hesitant on updating my blog on what I’ve just declared, it’s as if serving a plain oatmeal using a cup, a bowl, and a plate to the same group of people.

One good thing about blogging is you have the freedom to put more seasoning on it. Unlike the aforementioned sites, here, I can put some fruits and milk in my oatmeal. The kind of idea of serving your ideas and sentiments that really suits one’s taste.

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