Saturday, April 14, 2012

a bus ride

Scenes just outside my window. It’s been a while since i rode a bus to an unexplored itinerary. I’m heading to Zambales for the first time to be with my officemates for a sort of team outing summer escapade. They were already there since noontime and what time is it? It’s already beyond 6pm! It just that I came from a 6 hour talent exam in UP Dil, my hands are still shaky after all those sketching, coloring and essay writing. Well, it’s time to be in a laid back mode again. And leave it to the universe whatever outcome on my tests result. But for now, I need a spiritual treat.

While these images passed by me, all I could hear is Bjork singing Cetacea. With her melodies, these lyrics bathe me like a mantra:

Into pattern
Flowing blood
Giving form

In every part
The whole you see

Into pattern
Flowing blood
Giving form

From the moment of commitment, nature conspires to help you


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