Wednesday, April 04, 2012

It started with this idea:

Long empty stares, long empty stares, long empty stairs (I wanna take a picture with this title)

This would be a post later in twitter once I got myself out of the office. It’s always a constant reminder that my posts are entirely short and as it is. No need for expounding. So blogger unfriendly, as it’s always feed to my twitter and fb account. Gone are those days when I really blurt out my feelings or any sentiments here in this blog. Even random entries to this sort of a there’s-no-one-else friend that you can just pour your secrets out. Blogging for me, before, (or maybe until now) is a treasure box where I can put inside tidbits of my life. That once in a while, I’ll go back, digging my previous whims.

It also found it amusing to go blog hopping and found out how the new generation bloggers (this line makes me feel so old) and how they post. They have so many add ons compared to the previous generation’s “purely words”.

Eventually blog posts morphed into photo blogs, where the user just let the picture say it all. Which I’ve become, the moment I got my first cam phone.

Now, they got this sorta animated .gif and sparkling icons on their pages. Lot of tabs. Less tags. Something like that. Then a plethora of fashion statement. as in: Fashion fashion fashion Fashion passion fashion fashion Fashion fashion fashion passion Fashion fashion fashion passion Fashion passion fashion fashion Fashion fashion fashion Fashion fashion passion fashion Fashion fashion fashion passion

Which again, I find amusing, these changes are quite necessary as a sign of the passage of time. It’s like you can’t differentiate chapter 1 from chapter 2, or 2002 to 2012. without that change in numbers or the figures, it’s all about the signs and symbols. The power of signifiers (the logic behind semantics?)

This year, I want to take Art Education in UP DIL, but I’m quite worried I won’t be able to pass all the requirements before the deadline. UP system is way complicated than I already experienced. But let me just set this aside, but I’m crossing my fingers crossed I could make it cause I can’t wait to be an art teacher once again. I miss my old job!

What I’m excited is our team outing in Zambales, 2 weekends from now, its my first time to be there. Then hopefully my budget is still enough for another Puerto Galera escapade this Long weekend (due to Holy Week)

But for now, can’t help but get lost inside the office, where my mind is way way far beyond these glass walls in the heart of the metropolitan which penetrates through the cityscape as I’m staring blankly to the unforeseen shore.

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