Monday, April 09, 2012

(un)holy week

Just got back here in the metropolitan after almost a week long stay in Puerto Galera for the holy week.

It’s my 2nd time but I’m still in love with the coast and the scenic view of the foggy mountains. The place is still surreal to me other than a place for the hedonist.

Well of course, no one can erase the idea of partying at night when the beach turns out to be a rave scene where one could be flooded with laser lights and upbeat music while your toes are underneath the sands. So me and my friends didn’t miss a single night hitting the bars that are lining up in the middle of the white beach. Whatever happens during those nights will be left there on those sinful shores.

Meanwhile, me and my friends also got some new experiences that we haven’t tried last year. One of these is this floating bar. It was a random cruise with this free boat and we just found out we were docked to this ocean haven. And hey, 500ml beer is only at 60 pesos, not that bad! Was able to meet the one of the owner and manage to ask him where he get this idea as I told him he made Puerto Galera a much more exciting place to go for the summer. He said he brought a little bit of Hawaii here in the Philippines as this floating bar (which is really huge compared the one I’ve seen in Malapascua and Panglao. 2 stories water world like dwelling place with jumping board and watery slides straight to the sea. Not a typical splash island resort kind of pool).

t’was totally wonderful.

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