Tuesday, April 24, 2012


It’s been two summers when I notice UP Diliman was lined up with sunflowers on its main road to the university. I observed how they grow from seedlings to full blown herbs which most them eventually hunched down as there are instances when the flower is too big for the main trunk to handle. So I got this picture while they are still in their primetime.

It’s also been two summers when I think about pursuing a degree in UP Diliman, since I’m from UP Cebu, I thought it would be easy to enter the main university. So I thought.
There are a lot of requirements that need pre-requirements. One example would be the TOR which needs a college clearance to obtain. And our 2 page clearance is no joke, you’ve got to drag yourself from one building to another and sometimes wait for the signatory to be back from a long vacation.

Plus the idea that I’m already based here in Manila and most of my requirements are in Cebu. Good grace I got my core friend in Cebu, Chai Fonacier, who help me deal with this. Instead of me flying back to Cebu, miss work and spent thousands of pesos for airfare and all.

Then there comes the one on one interview and portfolio presentation which I kinda have fun with, as most of my works are online, so I just brought my laptop compared to what I’ve seen with my other applicants who hand carry their HUGE artworks and present it to the panel. Was able to pass it and after a week, was scheduled for an aptitude, talent determination test and written (essay) exam.

It was totally nerve wrecking and mind-boggling, which I totally miss as it’s been a while since I’m on the comfort of my routinary work. Finally, the result was announced and the universe is with me again this time, I made it to the list.

Still not sinking in and still couldn’t visualize myself as an Iskolar ng Bayan again this coming school year. UP Diliman was just a vague idea before, but now it's vividly coming out of the picture.

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