Thursday, June 28, 2012


one of my subjects for this semester is Art Criticism. I'm quite intrigued with this class as i was able to learn a different kind of "seeing".

we have this first assignment of making an art statement and a formal analysis of a certain work and we were given the liberty to choose one of our previous works.

so i chose this sketch i that have from several years ago and i come up with these two different perspective of narrating it.

 sedated (2005)
ink on paper

Formal Analysis

It’s a drawing of a lady with closed eyes. It used ink on paper as its main medium. Black ink against white paper. Original size is 4” x 12”. Actual lines and implied lines are drawn to create the primary form which mostly in curvilinear and free flowing however uses a lot of crosshatching for shading. Since a ballpoint pen was used, most lines are thin and delicate yet for contours; it uses thick and dark outlines. The technique is more of surrealism rather than naturalism as the artist contorted the image of a woman with big eyes, thick lashes, long neck and swirly hair, which is still very dynamic yet very relaxed and organic against on a two dimensional art form.

In terms of design, it’s very asymmetrical and having an inclination to informal balance. It is completely non proportional and the emphasis is more of the leaning position of the head which gives a diagonal orientation. The elongated neckline was pulled by a huge swirl (which has so much weight on the entire artwork) which occupies so much of the space on the lower right side giving the upper left side more unused space or emptiness. Since it only uses ink, the color and shading is monochromatic. With the light falling from upper right to lower left, that gives contrast and shadows on the form, which provides more volume to the different parts of the woman’s body that envelopes the whole portrait.

Its main components are the upper torso, the elongated neck and the head. A portrait of an individual who has an outlandish hairstyle, with this imagery, it has no association with any historical event, allegory nor mythology. Its most distinctive feature is the outline on the facial features, the position of the shoulders and the hairstyle. Because of the minimalist approach to material and technique there’s no variation than can be depicted as this has a solid representation of a lady in nude.

All these added: the characteristics of the line, the color and orientation; it gives a unified and stable yet arbitrary composition in the midst of asymmetrical scheme, of which, one could look into a relaxed and very meditative image.

Artist Statement

My drawing attempts to portray the idea of a person’s need to be calm. To be totally removed from the chaos and confusion of everyday life.

Having the interest for zen philosophy, minimalist music and monochromatic art forms, I have used ink and paper as the main medium for this work. Where there’s not much color and visual noise reflected, using only the stroke of the pen to convey a certain state of being. With an inclination for surrealist movement to attain a dream like ambiance, in which the viewer could reflect one’s desire to attain a certain level of meditation or self reflection.

My goal is to retrieve that certain moment when you are at ease with the universe, it could because of my early childhood years when I grew up in an island, always caught up with scenes that are visually paralyzing such as watching sunset while taking my tea by the shore. Those visual inputs are retained and later transmitted in a form of a nude lady on her solitary moment which is going through a passage of nothingness.

All these being said, I consider drawing as an activity that let us escape or to unclothe ourselves with the things that bothers us like anxiety, stress and frustration. It’s about embracing the moment and to be in complete surrender.

Monday, June 18, 2012


Was totally in scherzo these past few weeks. Day after day, I’m anxious about the requirements and the underpinnings of enrollment itself that needs to be done on a very limited time. Let alone the physical constraints as I still need to work full time.

I couldn’t just imagine the hell I’ve been through from accomplishing my pre registration forms to proudly waving my form 5 with a certification from the Registrar’s office that it’s fully paid. the feeling of “oh this is new!” specially my introduction with CRS which you can see your student profile and the available courses and its description online. It made my stay in UP Cebu as if it was a time of the Dark Ages. Then was able to understand and literally experience “UP ikot”. The tiresome pilgrimage of going from one hall to another. From Vinzon’s hall to Public Health, to College of fine arts then the OUR and vice versa (specially if something went wrong or something lacking)

the blanket of exhaustion finally took off when I’m on my 2nd week. As I already know my room numbers and I find my hidden gardens where I can just have my brewed coffee and smoke. I kinda like Mondays and Saturdays in UPDIL. It’s very nice and quite. Compared to the days in between when it’s full of either the blabber mouths or the disturbing geeks, of which, sometimes, I could also be temporarily transformed into one of them. I think I’m very much of a person who camouflage with my environment. Because of that I also found new friends.

My first friend is Marriane. She’s a transferee from Ateneo. We become friends because of her unusual boots. She’s like a modern character on one of Kafka’s book so mabe that's why i become fond of her at first glance. And she smokes as well (she prefers Winston lights which Francis also smoke and he’s also from Ateneo). She’s fun and has an inclination to be a lesbian. i was even mystified with her female crush and able to come up with a slogan: "Donna Go, Please don't go" But she confirm she’s bisexual (as everyone else is) she also got cheeky girl friends whom I would love to kid around while I grab them by the hair. It’s so fun! It’s just that I couldn’t remember all their names.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Since I met Bryan, I usually spend my weekends in Antipolo. It reminds me of Busay in Cebu. Where you can see the city below. But compared to Busay, Antipolo is already becoming of an urban area than an escape from city living. Fortunately, Bryan’s place is located in a cul-de-sac of a certain subdivision up there. So they have this veranda where you can see a view of the nearby mountains and the “remaining” trees. Together with his friends and their “mommy” we spend the whole day drinking coffee or brandy. Playing cards, talk, sing, smoke and if the moment permit it, Bryan and I do some cuddling. That went on since we first met, on May 19.

Tomorrow is Bryan’s bday. And we had a very bad fight last night. So I’m declaring sort of a cold war against him. We are supposed to be together in Antipolo but I decided to get loose of any relationship responsibilities and took flight on my own. So I went to Shang Cinema as it’s having the last day of French Film Festival for this year.

It’s been almost a month since the last time I rode the MRT. I only take the train during weekends when it’s my day off from work. So I’m itching again to wander around the metropolitan--- ‘cause every time I’m inside a train, I’m always caught up with the idea: ”today, there’s something gonna happen”

I really thought I wouldn’t able to catch even a single entry for this film festival as my weekend was already plotted. But for some reasons, the Art Universe is not willing for me to give up my annual traditions. Was constantly present since French film festival intertwined with my interest with foreign films. It was as long as I’ve known Cine Europa

Last year, most films are starred by Sandrine Bonnaire, while this year, it’s the director Olivier Assayas which films are featured through out the festival. Was planning to see his (L’eau Froide, 1994) and (Irma Vep, 1996) but I cannot afford to be absent from my classes and from my work. So I was presented with this take it or leave it film: Roses à Crédit

Strange enough, it’s the least of my choice for this year’s runner ups. But the film was at first sweet, then eventually it became provocative, and intense yet in the end, it was so melancholic.

It was an anticipated tragedy coated with mellifluous romanticism and presented beautifully by the main character Marjoline (Léa Seydoux)

For me, the plot is not that interesting. A woman who becomes enslave with the material world is very cliché. But what I was impressed of is with the film’s style and technique, the supporting characters, their dialogue and the acting. It’s like a run of the mill break fast meal consisting of bacon and egg but it was served visually and emotionally striking.

After watching it, I decided, that film made up my French film festival experience for this year. I didn’t line up for an hour, for another entry, scheduled that day and came back face to face with my own drama while being tickled and choked with my own solitude while wandering within the entrails of rain drenched lonesome city.

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